How To Take Care Of Glass In Your Home


Glass features, such as windows and shower walls, can make your house more elegant and aesthetically pleasing, but only if they are clean and intact. Here are some tips on how to prevent buildup and breakage on your glass. 

Make Sure It's Installed Correctly

One cause for glass breakage is that there's too much pressure put on the glass. This could be because the window clamps are too tight, for instance. Make sure that there is not too much pressure put on the edges of the glass; the casing should be just tight enough that the glass doesn't slip out, but not so tight that the glass becomes part of the weight-bearing system. 

Check Your Cleaning Solution

Not all commercial cleaning products are meant for glass; abrasive chemicals can cause the surface to deteriorate quickly. Before spraying any chemicals onto your glass, read the label to be sure it's safe to use on glass. 

Soft Cloth Only

Hard bristle brushes and wire sponges should never be used on glass. Instead, use a soft cloth to wipe down your glass. 

Watch for Temperature Changes

One factor that causes glass to crack is temperature changes. When the indoor and outdoor temperatures are drastically different, this places uneven pressure on the two sides of the glass, sometimes causing it to crack. If you live in an area with a large temperature range, you may want to opt for a thicker pane of glass. There are also chemical coatings that you can use to help strengthen the glass and insulate it from temperature changes. 

Keep Shower Glass Dry

This one may seem like a pain, but it goes a long way in keeping your shower glass from building up scum. There are rubber scrapers that you can use to wipe down the shower walls after every use. 

Get Cracks Repaired Right Away

The tricky part about glass is that once it's cracked, it will likely continue to crack along the seam. This is why it's important to get glass repaired right away; a professional can tell you whether the crack is fixable or if the whole piece needs to be replaced. The simplest method for repairing cracks is to use an industrial strength glue. This will seal the crack and prevent it from widening, while also reducing the appearance of the crack. 

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12 May 2015

repairing old windows

When a window gets broken in an older home, you will have to decide whether to have the glass replaced or have the entire window replaced. What is your better option? The architectural beauty of old homes is typically accented with the older windows. I have a very old home and love the antique looking windows that dress the house. When my son smashed one of the windows with a golf ball, the window guy that I had called tried talking me into replacing the window. I knew that I really didn't want to do that because it would look odd. I continued to look into my options and learned quite a bit. Visit my blog to find out what I learned about repairing old windows.