2 Simple Ways To Spice Up Your Bathroom Mirror


Mirrors often serve as the focal point of bathrooms in homes today. With the mirror playing such a prominent role in the overall design of your bathroom, adding interest can be a great way to give your bathroom that luxurious feel you desire.

Here are two simple ways you can spice up your bathroom mirror in the future.

1. Create a frame using tile.

Framing your mirror with tile can add elegance and opulence to your bathroom. This project is simple and requires only some mosaic tiles that fit your design preferences, a tile setting mat, grout and adhesive.

Begin by determining how wide you want your tile frame to be and cutting your mosaic tile sheets to size. Use some sandpaper to rough up the edges of your mirror, and apply the tile setting mat according to the manufacturer's instructions. Apply your tiles to the tile setting mat using your adhesive, and then apply your grout. The finished product will be a customized mirror that is sure to make your bathroom feel more luxurious.

2. Layer two or more mirrors.

If you are really looking for a unique look in your bathroom, try layering two or more mirrors on top of one another. By adding a smaller, more decorative mirror in the centre of your bathroom's existing mirror you create a focal point with depth and interest.

Layering mirrors requires the use of a diamond drill bit to prevent shattering. Begin by removing your existing mirror from the wall and placing it on a piece of plywood. Use a regular bit to drill through the plastic coating on the back of the mirror, but be careful not to start drilling in the mirror itself. Flip the mirror over and use the diamond bit to drill at a 90 degree angle into the face of the mirror. Use water as you are drilling to keep the area moist and prevent cracking.

Once your holes have been drilled, hang your existing mirror back in your bathroom. Use wall anchors to secure your decorative mirror over the top, and enjoy the unique look layered mirrors can provide.

When it comes to changing the ambience of your bathroom, giving your vanity mirror an upgrade is the easiest way to create a new look. A company like Castle custom glass can help you incorporate more complex and customised glass and mirror options into your bathroom if you're looking for a more intensive upgrade.


26 August 2015

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