2 Simple Ways To Spice Up Your Bathroom Mirror


Mirrors often serve as the focal point of bathrooms in homes today. With the mirror playing such a prominent role in the overall design of your bathroom, adding interest can be a great way to give your bathroom that luxurious feel you desire. Here are two simple ways you can spice up your bathroom mirror in the future. 1. Create a frame using tile. Framing your mirror with tile can add elegance and opulence to your bathroom.

26 August 2015

How To Add Weather Stripping To A Window


Weather stripping is the strip of insulation that goes around the edge of a window. Weather stripping is an important part of insulating your home, and helps prevent temperature exchange between the interior and exterior of your residence. If you do not have weather stripping already installed on your windows, or need to replace damaged weather stripping, follow the steps below. Before You Begin You'll need a utility knife, a measuring tape, a sponge, and weather stripping.

2 July 2015

How To Take Care Of Glass In Your Home


Glass features, such as windows and shower walls, can make your house more elegant and aesthetically pleasing, but only if they are clean and intact. Here are some tips on how to prevent buildup and breakage on your glass.  Make Sure It's Installed Correctly One cause for glass breakage is that there's too much pressure put on the glass. This could be because the window clamps are too tight, for instance.

12 May 2015

What To Do When Your Car Windshield Gets A Crack


Auto glass is extremely tough and durable. It has to be since it is an important safety feature in your car. It has to withstand the force of air bags and passengers during a crash. It also helps hold up the roof of your car. It even protects you from being cut by shards since your windshield crumples when it breaks. While windshields are tough, they can be damaged by vandals or flying road debris.

11 May 2015